Free Vaccines

Free Vaccines

Routine vaccinations are an important way to help protect your pet from many preventable diseases. Because we understand just how crucial vaccinations are for your pet’s health, we offer all our patients free vaccines – for life!

In order for your pet to remain fully protected against potentially harmful diseases, the Budd Lake Animal Hospital recommends the following vaccines and diagnostics:

Canine Vaccines

  • Rabies – given every 3-years after initial vaccine.
  • Distemper – given every 3-years after the initial set of puppy vaccinations. Recent studies have shown a prolonged immunity for this vaccination in adulthood.
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – given yearly after initial set of puppy vaccinations.
  • Influenza – given yearly after initial set of puppy vaccinations.
  • Lyme Vaccine – given yearly after the initial puppy vaccinations. This is perhaps the most commonly diagnosed of the vaccinated diseases in our area.
  • Leptosporosis – given yearly after initial puppy vaccinations. This disease has been recently diagnosed more frequently.

Feline Vaccines

  • Rabies – given yearly
  • Distemper – given every 3-years for cats that are strictly indoors; yearly for cats that go outdoors.
  • FELV – feline leukemia

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