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Archive for April 2017

What Changes Will I See As My Cat Ages?

Aging Cat

Though they’re rumored to have nine lives, the truth is, cats age just as humans do. In fact, they actually age even faster, which can sometimes make it difficult to spot certain physical cues. That being said, if your feline friend is headed over the hill soon, here are a few ways you can tell.…

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6 Household Items That Are Poisonous For Your Pup

Poison for Dogs

Some items on your “pet-proofing checklist” are a no-brainer, but then there are others that may not be so obvious. We’re talking about those sneaky household items that seem completely harmless, but can actually be very dangerous for your pet if he gets his paws on them. Bread Dough – You know that chocolate and…

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5 Tips to Care for Senior Dogs

Senior Dog

As you may have imagined, senior dogs require different care than their younger, puppy friends. Keep in mind that larger breeds age faster than smaller ones, but nonetheless, every dog will one day reach senior status. When that does happen, here are five tips to keep top of mind to be ready! Choose a high…

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